Terms & Conditions :
Boarding of Passengers:

? Passengers shall report at the boarding point at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Passengers who do not report on time will be termed as ?NO-SHOW ? passenger and will be denied boarding and not entitled for any refund of the ticket amount.

? Vijay Travels reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or owing to any misconduct of behavior/critically ill/stretcher borne which may not be deemed safe for travel by the Vijay Travels .

Photo Identification:

? Passenger shall present valid Ticket along with a valid photo identity card of at least one of the passengers of the group issued by one the government authority other wise they will be denied boarding and not entitled for refund.


? Passengers should not carry any goods like weapons, inflammables, firearms, ammunition, drugs, liquor, smuggled goods etc and any other articles that are prohibited under law.

? Maximum baggage allowed per passenger is 15 Kgs, Excess baggage will be charged as per the Vijay Travels rules. Vijay Travels shall not take responsibility in the event of loss or damage to the passenger luggage. Vijay Travels reserves the right to disallow any excess baggage carried by the passengers.

Cancellation / Refunds:

? For ticket cancelled before 3 hours prior to the schedule time of departure 10% shall be deducted on the fare, 2 hours prior to departure 20% shall be deducted on the fare, 1 hour prior to departure 30% shall be deducted on the fare. No refund will be given to ?NO-SHOW ? passenger who do not report at the boarding point on time.

? Note: Only bonafide passengers holding valid Vijay Travels tickets booked at Vijay Travels counters are allowed to cancel tickets and collect refund at counter. It is mandatory to show original photo identity card at the time of cancellation.


? In case of any breakdowns enroute Vijay Travels will refund the amount on a prorata basis at the Vijay Travels booking counters situated at the origin or destination of the journey. Vijay Travels will not make any alternate arrangements of travel for breakdowns enroute. Vijay Travels is not responsible for any breakdowns of audio, video and air conditioning equipment enroute or in the middle of the journey.


? Vijay Travels does not allow any pets on board its service.

* Passengers are joining the tour their own full risk & responsibility.

* Bus operator & Travel Agent not responsibal for luggage in the bus or in the office.

* Management will not be rasponsible for any injury to passenger or damage to their property due to accident or any mishap.

* Management reserve the right change number. if any coach is cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances fare collected will be refunded without any claim.